Personalized Financial Planning

Comprehensive planning to help you move confidently toward your ideal future


Whatever you want your life to look like, we’re here to support that vision. We do that by fine-tuning your financial GPS: your Goals, Protection, and Savings. We help you determine exactly where you want to go, and we make sure the significant people in your life—whether that’s your spouse, business partner, or someone else—are on the same page. Then we establish a strong foundation by protecting the assets you already have, like your ability to earn an income. Once we’ve identified your objectives and minimized risks, we help you determine how much you need to save to reach your goals. Our mission is for you to focus on saving more (rather than spending less) so you can enjoy what you have and feel confident about your decisions.

In our years of wealth management, we’ve learned that most people tend to spend their money one of two ways: like a hare or a turtle. Either they run out of money because they spend too much, or they save it all and never get to enjoy life. But we don’t want you to do either. We help you find the perfect middle ground where you understand exactly what you have and how to reach your goals so you can freely enjoy everything you’ve worked for.

As a Personalized Financial Planning client, we’ll help you address questions such as:

  • How much should I save to reach my goals?
  • How will I fund my kids’ college education?
  • Will I be able to pay off my house?
  • How can I maintain my lifestyle in retirement?
  • Is it possible to retire early?

Common Services

Estate Planning

Legacy Planning, Charitable Planning

Personal Planning

Asset Allocation, Money Manager, Tax Diversification, Risk Management, Distribution Strategies

Business Planning

Executive Compensation, Succession Planning, Exit Strategies, 401(k)/SEP/SIMPLE IRA

Case Study

Oftentimes, “wealth management” is about much more than managing wealth. It’s about knowing how to make the right decisions to live your best life. It’s about confidence.

One of our clients was referred to us by an attorney after her husband passed away unexpectedly. She’d received a large sum of money and had no idea what to do with it. She felt like most people she talked to didn’t have her best interest at heart, and she wanted honest guidance about what to do with her finances.

We met with her, and she asked us to help with everything—from negotiating a loan on her vehicle to planning for her children’s education. We talked about her goals, her budget, and helped her develop a comprehensive plan with clear-cut next steps. She’d never had a lot of money before, and the benefit she received wasn’t massive, but because of our work together, she learned how to spend what she had confidently. We helped her create a plan so she wouldn’t run out of money. She had the resources—we simply spent time with her, got to know her, and helped her organize everything so she could create the life she wanted for herself and her children.